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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  May 25, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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twoet me -- tweet me your sentiments. i am harris faulkner. in five seconds, huckabee. tonight on huckabee. >> i couldn't let it go. witnessing the human suffering. veterans back from the battlefield. with this and mental scars. >> we were putting on the new roof, the sound of the nail gun i dropped to the ground. >> they lived through the war. >> there is relation. six times in the last ten years, i thought about it. 22 veterans takes their lives every day.
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and company proud offed by man's best friend. >> she will come and sit down on my lamp. >> a huckabee memorial day special. outrage. >> so the president's rose garden press conference with the prime minister of turkey was interrupted by raindrops and the president called on a couple of u.s. marines to hold the umbrella over them. i am sure they were willing to do whatever they requested. i couldn't help but cringe at the demand for the marines to cope the president dry. instead of the president calling in the maroens, i wish he called them in to protect the ambassador in benghazi. and as for the umbrella. there was something unseemly
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having the maroens hold the umbrellas it was a tack assigned to any white house flack. it would be so manically for the president to request the umbrella and hold it himself. many do rick their lives. they are called to take on the toughest task and it would a pore most menial traffic, sadly many of the heroes who came home face another enemy. the demons of post traumatic disorder. and burr case. there are 22 suicides every day and time we put the issue front and center. i had the privilege of serving as emcee for the recipients of the metal of honor. 12 of them were at the event. i got to tell you, i stand in a
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we of living and true american heroes. putting their lives in the path of bullets and bombs to save others. that is the stuff that movies are made and yet few americans couldine name one medal of honor recipient. we live in a culture of celebrity. sport and move i and political celebrities and people are famous for being famous. and celebrities sell tickets and cd's and sign on the graves and pose for photographs. heroes are not necessarily famous but i wish they were. i wish the real american heroes who received the american congressional of honor were famous and every kid knew their names and had posters of them on their wall.
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i wish we put susupreme value on people instead of people who simply entertain us. don't get me wrong i don't begrudge the people who entertain us. but they are not heroes. those who serve in uniform, those are the heroes. (applause) and on this memorial day weekend, i hope you take a moment to get on your knees and close your eyes and say a prayer of thanks for those who you may not know, but whosacs gave you freedom and yes, they are heroes. (applause) >> tonight you will hear from veterans who don't want to be a statistic and doctors and
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wives helping our heroes get treatment they need. why is the suicideerate so high? i spoke to a veteran of oishgs rack and stan tan and ceo of concerned veterans for america. >> heath, delighted to have you here. this is a troubling report. 22 veterans a day. is this a unusually high number and off of the charts for most post- war situations? >> it is a number that is too high. no one grease that number is acceptable and allowable. if you put it in context. it is not a high number. and even before 91120 veterans were taking their lives and dipped down to 19 in 1997. and still a high number. and so it is perception of iraq and afghanistan. but the average age of vet system 60 years old. you have mixture of young guys
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and gals and vietnam veterans and others dealing with difficulties on the balth field. >> i hear reports that some veterans come back from afghanistan or from iraq and they are made to wait a hundred and some throw 50 days before they can get the treatment they need. this seems to me to be inexcusable. why is it taking so long and what will it take to get the country off its did you have and mote the needs of the veterans who should get the first fruits and not the left overs. >> vets are told to wait in line for the disability claims and benefits earned. the disability backlog has grown twoind percent and almost
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900,000 vets are waiting on claims. and some in areas two years for a response on their claims from the regional centers. our group started a million vet back log.comand a petition. get people to wake up that our vets shouldn't wait on a calcified bureaucracy. it needs to be fixed and we will at a on it. >> is the problem the budget or bureaucracy. >> no, it is not the budget, governor. it has increased 40 percent by 2009 and they are exempt from sequestation. and it is not a funding problem. but a bureaucracy that is unwilling to reform itself. incentives don't force them to
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be customer service based. there is stacks of files on the decks and not promised in a timely manner. it is government bureaucracy in the worst manifestation. >> there is no excuse for this. these people didn't get to delay their deployment and didn't delay when they were shot at. and when they come back it is absolutely inexcuse able they are told to wait and wait in 200 or 600 days. they have done their duty to america. and i appreciate your organization concern veterans for america is doing. i hope you tell us how you can help you. >> thank you, governor. >> thank you, peete for concerned veterans for america. >> coming up. how virtual roleitty this were is helping veterans back from
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cymbalta can help. >> for many who fight for our country, the sights and sounds of combat last long after they leave the battlefield. using technology, the medical center in california, recreate combat scones to help veterans deal with the ptsb. we got a firsthand look and we meet iraqi veteran. he told us his struggles returning home. >> once i came home, i would say irritability, problems with with resolving conflict with my significant other and problems with resolving conflicts. and that's where it is probably
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started. and then the nightmares and that sort of stuff didn't happen until later. >> he joined the navy in 1995 and deployed to iraq. and he was a hospital core man second class. after serving for two months. he experienced something that stayed with him forever. >> i was in a humvee soft top and hit with an ia d in iraq. the bomb was approximately five feet from my dorwhen i was hit. i had a perforated eardrum and neck injure that was not figured out until a year later. i continued to serve. >> he served after the near death experience and in
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september 2004 he came home. every day events brought him back to the war zone. >> i had a rover putting on a now roof and the sound of the nail gun, i dropped to the ground. and driving down the road, there was a structure of rock that was on the side of the road, totally throws you off, because they used hide bombs in such things. >> here in san diego, there is a camera system who run the red lights and when they do that at night, there is a flash and they can get a clear picture of the license plate. that flash happens usually before an explosion and in that throw second window of the flash it takes me three seconds to tell myself it is just a flash
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and not explosion and you can move o. it is a mini flash backment >> i drank a lot in order to try to dull down my overawareness to be more relaxed and when i really needed to talk to somebody and find out what was going on and find out new techniques to do just that. >> and in the darkest moments, he did consider taking his own life. >> over the past ten years, maybe six times, i have thought about it and my life sucks. in our heads, we blame the ptsb. it may be what is causing the problem, but that's a a final
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>> a retired navy captain and clinical psycheiologist. he has treated 50 veterans suffers from ptsb. it is referring to a mission. during the assessment the patient is exposed to high level stress and told how to manage it. we got do witness a hop with crawford. >> we'll start with a hope and we'll be in the humvo in iraq and number by intel. and there will be a number of elements that you are going to come across. you as the gunner take out insurgents. and we talked out before we don't have a 1- 1 comparison for the treatment to be effective. nduring the hop, skin
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conductants are all monitored and referred to as a biofeed line. blue loin is breath rate. and this is set up for eight. and the red is heart rate and one of the ideas we do with our warriors. we want blue above the red. it is above. and your heart rate is above. >> and once all of the equipment is set up. he is is not to his first mission. >> they are not engageable. roger. >> and we have insurgent to the left and they got a pick-up truck. and typically keep yourie open down the road.
5:22 pm
insurgent s behind the barricade and the red car is a noncombatant. keep your eye on the noncombatant. >> it is left of the right of the convoy and press their fires. press their fire. >> as the hop continues, there is an increased heart rate and he uses meditation skills to bring the heart rate down and this is to find the decompression. >> we engage throw minutes with the threat and exposure this were and throw- five minutes
5:23 pm
working on his meditation skills to get the heart rate down. and get it back down to 7.7 right now. >> and then dr. wood adds a new element. have him talk about the incident. >> we were on a convoy as part of the training. we resupply the ground units and as we were rolling down the road, we saw a suspicious white vehicle and i related it to my chief and the right turn and took off like a bat out of hell, and next thing you know explosion. >> we spoke with hak el after the hop.
5:24 pm
>> clearly your reading shed more stress as you talked about your particular incident in the stress situation. can you tell us what you were feeling at that moment? >> a combination of the memories and virtual reality that is close to reality and brings me back to going on convoy and what not. it becomes more real. the mind is very powerful and make things real that are just memories. it became very real in the moment and i can definitely, i felt the anxiety and everything about the situation anticipating the explosion. >> dr. wood believes that managing anxiety is key to lowering suicide rates.
5:25 pm
>> if we could treat pstb more successfully. the rates would come down and bring the suicide rates down. >> haicle has noticed a change. i had thoughts, but because of the treatment, have never, never planned anything or gone through anything. i have expressed those feelings to dr. wood and my other therapist and we have managed accordingly. it does happen and this is not, once again in the a cure. it is just a way of managing it. >> we want to thank him for sharing his story with us. >> for more information, visit the r >> how man's best friend help
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don't get caught hungry. ritz crackerfuls. >> live from america's news headquarters, i am harris faulkner. deadly flash flooding ravaging central teixeira. san antonio is bracing for more heavy rain. parts of the city under ten inches of water. one person killed and hundreds stranded. you can see the guy off of the
5:30 pm
roofs. >> a manhunt in france right now after a soldier was stabbed. he was part of the surveillance patrol and lost a lot of blood and expected it live. london, today, people proshefting islamic terrorism there following the killing of the union -- unformed soldier. they are trying to so if they have any connection. we'll get you back to huckabee. (applause) >> they are loyal and love us unconditionally and have the rema rema remarkableability comfort us.
5:31 pm
we have the president of guardiance of rescue. we have specialivity timothy geithner stroebl and his puppy harlo. and corporal john wallace and his doing tommy. >> i am a dog person and so i am already loving this segment to talk to you. i know how important dogs can be. even if we are not suffering from ptsb. how do you go about picking dogs it go with veterans in the process in >> every veteran suffering from ptsb has a unique requirement. and the majority of our training is based on little things such as when if it is issues start acting up at midnight when the
5:32 pm
lights go out the dog will stay on the bed with him. and we train them to wake up at 6 o'clock. now you are going to go jogging. >> tell us the things that the dogs are trained to do. we have video. and tell us what we are seeing in the clips as to the specific applications. >> here is a veteran who is an example, staging a depression mode. and he's hunched over and lucky is going to him and he's trying to grab his attention and nudging and kissing him and trying to shift him and now his energy level is changing. >> he's trained to notice the mood, to detect that and try to get him --
5:33 pm
nspirit and physically push him to the next level and get his mind off where it may be. and it could be touching a ball or doing something different. >> we have another clip and describe for us the application for this particular dog. >> we are learning that many of the veterans returning, are suffering from ptsb because of the road side bombings. and they cannot get into a car. and so the ones that do need to travel, we train the animal to go into the vehicle and not to communicate or any way distract the veteran. and stay there calm and give him comfort level. >> when you have a dog helping them in the vehicle, the individual veteran is still going through memories. how does the dog create the comfort and confident that he would not otherwise have?
5:34 pm
>> i think there is a different pattern when the dog is with that veteran. we learn and we train the veteran to experience great things with the dog. it could be going to an a agilitty class. we will go meet new friends and take them to the park and maybe a new friend he met there. it brings now energy to his brain. >> this is a clip and different application for the dogs. this covers a veteran that may have fallen down, for several different reasons or just dealing with a series of anxiety. and the dog will be trained to work with that soldier and not
5:35 pm
give him that heavy nudge and to soothe him and slowly bring him up. >> what kind of results have you seen from using the dogs and helping veterans to come back and adjust to a normal life as possible with ptsb. >> i don't know if they will ever have a normal life. but the results are amazing and they tell me every day, robin, i don't know what i would do without the dog. >> when we come back, you are going to hear from a couple of guys dealing with this and how they are helping our vets in very different way,you don't want to miss this, stay with us. but your erectile dysfunction - itld be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you cabe more confident in your ability to be ready.
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[ female announcer ] stress sweat is different than ordinary sweat. it smells worse. get 4x the protection against stress sweat. introducing new secret clinical strength stress response scent. >> welcome back. we are talking with veterans returning from war with ptsb. timothy, you came back after serving as a senior medic. wakind of challenges and issues that you have struggled with since you have come back from war? >> i was injured over there. but i would say nightmares and not liking crowds. when i came back in 2007. and for a while there i had
5:40 pm
issues and ended up being hospitalized. but i would say the nightmares and crowds and trying to live a normal life. >> who told you about the guardians of rescue and having a dog to help you? >> i am a program coordinator for the joseph support project and rob reached out on our facebook page. john has been involved for a while and we have a history together and told him to reach out to me. it is a great fit with my organization as well. >> how is harley helping you to be comfortable and at ease. >> look at that face. the days that i get down, i am running, and i have a full- time job and i live with my girlfriend and she has three daughters and i am just say
5:41 pm
stressed part of the time. and she will come and sit on my lap, it is instantly calming and like turning a switch. >> john, you have tommy, and when you first got tommy, were you optimistic that tommy would change your life and be a important part of your this were with ptsb? >> i was over there and had three dogs that i pulled out of a pack and they lived in the camp and helped me and the rest of the soldiers. >> john, what happened to you in the war? what was it that was so traumatic that as you came back you couldn't just let it go? >> yeah, i couldn't let it go. witnessing the human suffering and you know, war is a terrible thing. >> you know, we tend to assume
5:42 pm
everyone comes back and soon as they come back to the homes and families, everything is okay, is it not okay is it? >> no, it is not the case. it loves an imprint and you lose your innocence. i have lost that innocence. it is accepting and i went in the hospital and had extensive treatment. i learned that my life is going to be different post deployment and for me, it was anxiety, depression and drug addiction that i struggled with. >> a lot of your fellow soldiers, couldn't get over it. >> that's right. >> suicide rate among the veterans returning from war is alarmingly high, does that weigh upon you? >> absolutely, i buried my best friend a year ago. >> who took his own life?
5:43 pm
>> yes. >> tell me how tommy is helping you to have a different road a head than your friend? >> i think rob described it best. tommy knows when i am off, he knows that depressed mode and strugging and he will come and lick my face. and having him to the park every day and to the beach, it forces me to get up and be outdoors and challenge my own anxiety. >> a lot of people struggle with anger and repressed feelings of frustration. tim, do you feel the sense of range inside of you and how will harley help you to subjugate that to a different place? >> i try to not get there. i am hard to anger and once i am, you don't want to be around.
5:44 pm
i apology otherwise she is snoring. >> most of us have slept through this today. and i am totally used to it. it is okay. she will be able to calm me down. as john just said, they are trained to sense our different moods and she will try to cheer me up. sit on my lap, more effectively than this and give me kisses and try to calm me down and take my mind off of it. nro better, i would like for every veteran in america to have a dog like tim and john have had. i don't think we have done enough. i think our country has betrayed the trust and honor and service of our veterans. how do we help get dogs into the hands of every returning
5:45 pm
veterans who needs that companionship. >> start by going to our web site. and we would be happy to spoke to every veteran that we can help. >> you need money to get the dogs and train them. >> we are all volunteer organization and we can't survive without money. >> tim and john, thank you for being so candid and honest andro better, good bless you for doing that for all of our veterans. >> coming up, former senator elizabeth deal on how to support the families caring for our veterans. diagram erizon over any other carrier? many choose us because we have the largest 4glte network.
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>> so much of the burden of taking care of a wounded warrior falls on the family members. that makes it difficult enough that many families have the added challenge of coping with emotional and mental scars that vet vetera veterans. joining me now is elizabeth deal and andrea. senator, so many veterans are coming back from war and some have physical scars and some of the scars we can't see and toughest of all to deal with. emotional and mental scars. >> yes. >> tell us how your organization is helping the care givers. they are the unsung heroes.
5:50 pm
>> right. my husband bob deal was hospitalized in the walter reed medical center for 11 months several years ago and i had an opportunity to visit the wounded warriors and care givers that were with them. i heard the store tors and i couldn't believe what was care is literally providing for a feeding, bathing, dressing in the home setting. they are trying to navigate across many different health care systems. as you say, the soldiers today are coming back with multiple wounds. many who would have died in former wars are surviving. but a lot of them have very difficult problems which require diverse medical systems. so the care-giver is trying to coordinate across those systems. they're looking after the emotional needs, trying to keep
5:51 pm
their emotional balance for their loved one. they're looking after financial issues. many of them, it's really 24/7 duty because they may be the only person who is available, who is trusted and who is knowledgeable night and day. >> it's truly, i think, overwhelming that so many times we aren't realizing what the families are going through. andrea, i know that your husband when he came back, lloyd was faced with a lot of challenges, both physically and emotionally and there was one point at which he contemplated taking his own life. how did it hit you when he came home that this was not just we'll have a hug, we'll have a kiss, get a good night's sleep and everything is going to be fine? >> sure, mike. it certainly -- that was certainly the dream that we had a hug and a kiss and everything was okay. it was very apparent when he returned. i was 33 at the time.
5:52 pm
i had known my husband since he was 16. he had a completely different personality. physically, he was having a lot of headaches. he would stumble and fall quite often and he's 6'5". it was noticeable when he fell. just a really different person. he had always been a very gentle agreeable person and he was really angry when he first returned to the point that we went on a family vacation and had an incident where felt that i couldn't get him calmed down enough and the children and i needed to remove ourselves from the situation. locked ourselves in the bathroom until he could calm down because he wouldn't leave. and that was just not the husband i knew. and over time, the anger left and we spiralled down into depression. ultimately, i listened to my husband's suicide plan, his plan to slit his throat.
5:53 pm
i eventually had to leave my job because i couldn't teach and keep an eye on him. it's been a long journey, but we have managed to really fight to bring him back and he's not where he was. but he certainly has made a lot of progress. that's just what we continue to advocate for is progress for him and progress for us as a family. >> andrea, it doesn't sound to me like the resources, whether it's the military or the v.a., has been there to help you. do you feel that you're pretty much on your own at this point? >> the government looking into the needs of care-givers and supporting care-givers is a new area, especially military care-givers. and so while i certainly think we can do more and care-giver needs are in their infancy, the study of what care-givers need are in their infancy, i certainly think we are further along than when we started. certainly, there needs to be more study of what care-givers
5:54 pm
need, which is certainly what the dole foundation proposes with the ram study is to really talk with the care-givers and find out what care-givers think we need instead of someone telling us what we need all of the time. >> senator dole, it's obvious that there's a need for what you're doing and it's to be an advocate for these families. what do you need in order that the country does its moral duty and fulfills an obligation to these families. >> what the foundation is doing primarily would be to increase awareness. we've got to raise awareness of the issue here. there has been significant inquiry according to ran with regard to the wounded warrior policy solutions, a great deal of philanthropy. but the needs of the care-giver, of the wounded warrior are virtually unknown. they are hidden heroes. and they're people that i admire
5:55 pm
and respect so much. they're taking care of those who are defending our freedom and our security. by the way, that's less than 1% of our population right now. and so there's not a knowledge of this across america. so we want to raise awareness. >> thank you again for being here. it is a real pleasure for you bring spotlight to a very important story. i'll be back with some closing thoughts when we return.
5:56 pm
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tonight you've heard the stories of our servicemen and women who have come home with the wounds of war. some of those wounds are visible. the scars that are left from a bullet or bomb that tore through their flesh. but some come home with wounds that can't be seen and they're wounds that can't be healed with surgery or prescriptions. before these men and women ever went to war, our country made some promises to them. our soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen kept their promises to us, now it's time to keep our promises to them. the benefits to veterans aren't entitlements and it's not welfare. they are moral obligations. now, there's nothing wrong with you enjoying a picnic or family time during memorial day weekend. but there is something wrong if you only indulge yourself and forget to in some way remember what you're supposed to be remembering. have a great memorial day
6:00 pm
weekend. but thank god for those who gave it to you. from new york, this is mike huckabee. good night and god bless. [ applause ] welcome to the special audience edition of hannity. for the entire hour, i'll be joined by somebody who had the internet buzzing following his remarks at last week's national prayer breakfast in washington, d.c. dr. benjamin carson is one of the most accomplished physicians in the entire world. despite his many accolades including being awarded the presidential award. until he stepped up to the podium last thursday morning and with the president of the united states sitting steps away, dr. carr son, eloquently and politely described his vision for saving america. among the topics that he covered, the perils of political krekness, the health care syste


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